Save a tree buy an ebook

To ebook or not to ebook, is that really the question?  Are “paper” books going to be a thing of the past?  I finally had the opportunity today to put my hands on an iPad, having seen all of the other readers out there, I have to say there is no comparison because it gave the closest “feel” of a book when you turned a page.  It made me feel that I was turning the pages of a book.  Gotta say I was impressed.  The only thing that I didn’t like was the fact that in order to do anything on the screen you have to use the pads of your fingers.  It is literally an “I pad”.  You can’t use your nails which is my stylus of choice.

This article: PUBLISH OR PERISH, talks about these ebooks “saving” the publishing industry because people are not buying as many regular books and I have to say that I believe that it has to do with the evolution of our society.  We are being more technically minded and as such we want the”next new gadget”.  As a society that is also trying to be more “green” doesn’t it make since that we would “save a tree buy an ebook”?

Am I going to buy an iPad, not sure yet, I am hoping that the HP slate has the same features as well as the ability to use a stylus.

Happy Reading