Writing: A love story

Rene Descartes wrote a famous quoteI think, therefore I am” Since than many writers have taken this phrase and changed it toI write, therefore I am“.

The question you must now ask yourself is why do you write?  Writing is something that must be deep in your soul, some question that you feel driven to answer, some story that you have been commissioned to tell.

Do you love to write?  Love it so much that you will love, honor and cherish it?  Writing can be a jealous lover unwilling to share your time with anyone else.  You must appease green eyed monster by showing it that you truly love it, that you will dedicate time to your relationship.  There will be ups and downs as with any relationship, but if you treat her with love and passion she will return that love, neglect her and she is your worst enemy as a woman scorned.

As a writer you must also love to read, this MUST go hand-in-hand.  Over the past few months that I have started this journey I have begun reading books that are in the same genre as the one that I am writing, I am also getting books that help me to improve my writing skills.  Who better to help you with your dialog or scene creation than someone who is already a successful author who is willing to share with you the tricks of the trade?

Find someone who is interested in your type of book, someone who is also well read who will give you some constructive criticism.  This will give you someone else’s prospective.  Remember this is your story and it is hard for you to be objective so it is important to share with someone that you trust.

Next find a writer’s group, this will allow you to get together with like minded people.  Your writer’s group should give you an opportunity to read three pages of your story and than they will give you their insight.  DO NOT give them too much of the back story because you want to make sure that your story is unfolding to them the same way that it will unfold for your readers.  They should also meet at least two times per month and you should commit to go to it.  This will encourage you to write at least those three pages for your need group meeting.  The other thing that is very helpful with groups like this one is that they will also read and this will allow you to return the constructive criticism causing your creative juices to flow.

Watch movies that are of the same genre as yours.  This will also help the creativity in your mind so see what other successful authors have come up with.

Most importantly enjoy.

To your writing success,

Dianna Sandora