Do you Blog?

I know it seems so silly to think about Blogging right now, but the best time to start is now.  It is never too soon to Blog!  I found a write up on marketing and they suggested that you not worry about blogging until you are in the marketing stage of your book.  When do you think that should begin?  I would suggest the sooner the better.   Imagine growing yourself a nice following of people who think that you might have something of value to share with them and than having their support once you do get published.

Networking is so very important my friend and once you get published you will have the opportunity to help others.  We are family you and I and if we support each other there is no reason why we cannot reach the pinnacle of success together!

There are so many free ways to get your name out there.  Facebook, wordpress, you can create a free blog through them.  There are so many others.  Did you know that you can monitize your blog through Amazon and suggests books that people should read that have to do with your blog.

I would suggest that you get a blog that has your own name and if you host it there are so many extras that you can have that the free ones do not let you do. with you can get an inexpensive domain name with web hosting for less than $10 to start and than about $7 a month. So for less than 25 cents a day you can start building your web presence. I am certain that you blow that in a week, if you are honest.

To Your Writing Success,

Dianna Sandora