iBookstore: Apple's way of taking a bite of ebook market

Apple has opened it’s doors to the self-publishing market by providing a way to get your book in the iBookstore. They have teamed up with several self publishing companies such as:

  • Lulu– 50/30/20 author/apple/lulu, the do have a conversion service, but won’t correct errors in the conversion, free ISBN number.
  • www.bibliocore.com– The require upload of epub, ask you to send a quote to get started, no price per book change
  • libredigital.com– Very vague on what they offer
  • Ingram– no info on their site you have to contact them
  • Ingrooves-no info on their site you have to contact them
  • Constellation-no info on their site you have to contact them
  • Bookbaby -$49 per ebook, and $19 to convert to the proper epub format

By teaming up with these companies which they call an aggregator it will make you be able to meet the requirements of Apple without worrying about buying a Mac computer and dealing with Apple directly.

Apple is predicting that their sales of the iPad will hit 7 million in 2012 and triple that by 2012 and you can be sure that there will be other companies who will be in hot pursuit.

Joining forces with Apple today may make you a big Banana tomorrow!

To your writing success.

Dianna Sandora