I have the most exciting news!

I am going to be a co-author for a book that is very similar to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. It focuses women and their stories of being an overcomer and to motivate other women to do the same!

The biggest thing about this opportunity is that it will open a lot of doors for public speaking specifically motivational. Also this will be a way for me to grow my platform. Remember I have been talking a lot about this? The platform is key to being able to get other opportunities like this one as well as the opportunity to get a book of my own picked up!

So yesterday I started writing and wow! I only have between 1,200 and 1,400 words. I decided to just start by writing what I felt that I wanted to share and than I would go from there. Fortunately I have until the 18th to figure it out. I was so excited last night that I almost could not go to sleep.

I will keep you posted on all of the details.

Dianna Sandora

Social Media Hero