Attitude of Gratitude



An attitude is a choice and that choice can easily be affected by the people, events and other things around us, so the question is why would anyone choose to have a bad attitude?

I believe that the enemy has told us one big lie, and it is the reverse of “That golden rule” that we are most familiar with, instead of: “Do unto others as you would want done unto you“, it has become “Do unto others as they have done to you“.

It is hard to notice the slight difference and that is what I see as the BIG LIE!

This is fine as long as everyone is “good” to you and doesn’t do you wrong, but when someone hurts you; as imperfect humans tend to do sometimes, all bets are off.

So how can I have this “Attitude of Gratitude” when I have:

  • Lost my job?
  • Lost my home?
  • Lost my spouse?
  • Lost my Child?

See this is where we mere mortals lose sight of what our joy should be focused on. I am not by any means asking you to be like Polly-Anna and close your eyes to the world and the things that are wrong, but what I am suggesting that instead of getting angry at those situations that we have no control over; that we should praise God in the Storm!

During my life, I have had such loss that most people would not blame me if I was sad or even angry, but I know that there is “JOYS” to be found in all things! Those things from our past prepare us for the things to come.

Proverbs 27:17-18 (MSG)
You use steel to sharpen steel,
and one friend sharpens another.
If you care for your orchard, you’ll enjoy its fruit;
if you honor your boss, you’ll be honored.

If you find yourself in a time of uncertainty and you feel that there is no hope, know that there is One who is Hope and He will help you through whatever you are going through.

Joy to you,

Dianna Sandora

Universal Messenger of Joy